One Penny Doubled Story

by cviko on May 17, 2010

What would you rather take one million dollars now or one penny doubled every day for a month?

The penny doubled story is great. There is only one problem with it and that is the penny itself and what it represents when it comes to those using the story to get a message across.

The penny has to be real value and it has to create itself as a real value. Duplicating the real value.

The story is being miss used by many different industries.

I personally like the power of duplication and I believe it is a great way to get a message across and add value to people and to build a business with the duplication factor in it.

Just keep in mind that you are the first penny in your business model.

If you are not real and do not add value to people and do not create real product volume in your business; the penny doubled story is not going to work for you.

Let’s make sure that we add value to people and create that first circle in the plan that represent the first penny in the penny doubled plan.

Penny doubled works. Amway business works. The question for you is:  “are you real penny? is your IBO# real? do you have a value attached to it?”

Want The Power Of A Penny Doubled to work read more below.

Personal use of Amway products adds the value to the penny.

Some tips on how to add more value to your penny.

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Cvetkovic Branislav May 18, 2010 at 1:27 pm

This one is one of the best story that you posted so far, and I believe most important that people can read and understand.
Awesome post!!!

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